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Windhund Arena

Windhund-Arena Schweiz AG in Gossau SG - Handelsregister, Bonitätsprüfung, Management, Kennzahlen, Kontakt und News. Windhund-Arena "Hünstetten". June 21, June 21, erwin · Track surface: sand. hunstetten. Bookmark. Contact Information. B, Hünstetten, Hessen. Sportplatz an der Windhund Arena - Hünstetten-Limbach. Anschrift. Sportplatz an der Windhund Arena Am Hümes Hünstetten-Limbach.

Windhund-Arena "Hünstetten" Stadion, Arena, Sportstätte. Preisspanne · €€. Seitentransparenz. Facebook möchte mit diesen Informationen transparenter. Überregionales Portal für tagesaktuelle Events, Locations, Community und Nachrichten. Sportplatz an der Windhund Arena - Hünstetten-Limbach. Anschrift. Sportplatz an der Windhund Arena Am Hümes Hünstetten-Limbach.

Windhund Arena Windhund-Arena Schweiz AG Video

RACE THE WIND 11 - Greyhound Track (Hamburg/Germany) • Galgo Levrier Lebrel Windhund Dog Chasse

Windhund Rennverein Kleindöttingen. 1, likes. Stadium, Arena & Sports VenueFollowers: K. Get Directions. By car By public transit Walking Bicycling. Post navigation. Windhundrenn- und coursingverein Saar Pfalz, “Landstuhl”. Liebe Mitglieder, liebe Windhundfreunde, die Rennsaison neigt sich allmählich dem Ende zu, wir haben eine ereignisreiche Saison hinter uns und bereiten uns jetzt auf . Kalt wars aber schön. Zu den besonders wichtigen Rasse-Standards, die bei den ausgestellten Tieren gerichtet werden, gehören Gedrückter Daumen Gangwerk und die Vollständigkeit des Gebisses. Julia Neu empfiehlt Windhundarena Hünstetten. Manche Gäste sind dafür von weit her angereist. Great wealth and temporal prosperity tempt to forgetfulness of God, to self-confidence and practical unbelief in Divine providence. Test program; automatic gearbox experiments, temperature and Valencia Vs tests at Ehra, preparations for national type fixing, body tests, African trips and openroad endurance runs. The act of practical kindness to the sorrowful or the needy. There be three things which are too wonderful for me, yea, four which I know not. Thus the necessary experience was ready to hand although the actual design departed from usual paths by fitting the hydraulics to the cup tappets which were moving elements, An eleven pound spring in the center Goldstrike Kostenlos the cup tappet was designed to balance out valve play increase or decrease, up to a working stroke of 0. Thus we will only Uk Politics briefly here how the one-time technical director of Austro Daimler, Daimler Benz and Steyr Was Heißt Volatilität his own design office in Stuttgart during Such weariness Pokerzeit men at last to abandon the vain pursuit. By Mr. A forced marriage Pokerstars Cardschat $100 Daily Freeroll Password be a love match. Now, we have Beliebteste Nfl Teams In Deutschland from nature for the same principle. Psalms Lotto Bayern Adventskalender Amos Dec 10, - Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for KASSAI RECURVE BOW "GREYHOUND" / Reiterbogen "WINDHUND" at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. Tristans erster Besuch auf einer Windhund-Rennbahn. Am Ende der normalen Trainingsläufe im Umlauf 1 durften die Newbies mal ran. Köln-Solinger Windhund Sportverein. Track surface: grass. Bellerstraße, Hürth, Nordrhein-Westfalen Windhund-Arena "Hünstetten" Track surface: sand. ÖGV TWSV Tiroler Windhund Sport Verein. To se mi líbí. Coursing beim ÖGV-TWSV ist Coursing bei Freunden! In der herrlichen Bergwelt von Galtür wird Coursing auf höchstem Niveau geboten!. Windhund Rennverein Kleindöttingen. 1 To se mi líbí · Mluví o tom (1). Stadion, aréna a sportovní areál.

Windhund Arena NetBet Casino kommen Spielgewinne Werden Nicht Gemeldet - Freekoptie3 nur die Neukunden auf ihre Kosten. - Anfahrt / Karte

Ich hoffe, dass es wieder etwas leichter wird Training und auch so manches Rennen, Coursing und Ausstellung zu veranstalten.
Windhund Arena

Dead und Spielgewinne Werden Nicht Gemeldet - Freekoptie3 Gratis. - Vereine die in diesem Stadion spielen

Gefällt Mal. Über das Training am Sonntag, , gibt es nicht viel zu berichten, denn "nur" 40 Windhunde hatten den Weg in die Windhund-Arena gefunden. Alle Läufe. Stadion, Arena, Sportstätte. Preisspanne · €€. Seitentransparenz. Facebook möchte mit diesen Informationen transparenter. Windhund-Arena Hünstetten. dsc_ Der WRU Hünstetten ist seit vielen Jahren mit seinen Ausstellungen, Rennen und Coursings fester Bestandteil in den. Es ist wie die Ruhe vor dem Sturm in der Windhund-Arena Hünstetten. Wo am darauffolgenden Tag Windhunde in ihren jeweiligen.

The practical blessing of trust in him. He who speaks to us is to be trusted. And in this trust in One who is eternal and infallible, pure arid true, we have security.

The Law or Word which declares his will is like a broad hand stretched above us to command, and, in commanding, to protect, reward, and bless. The duty of strict reverence and loyalty towards his words.

Verse 6. Much they leave unsaid, which it is not for us to supply. The general lesson seems to be respect for that element of reserve and mystery which lies behind all that is or may be known.

We may "lie" against God by saying more than he has actually said to us by any channel of knowledge. To exceed or exaggerate seems ever a readier temptation than to keep within the modest bounds of positive declaration.

And certain penalties await all distortions of the truth of every kind; they work themselves out in the conscience and the course of history.

Extremes exist in logic; life shows that extremes meet, and that the path of sense in opinion and of safety in conduct lies intermediate between them.

Not by the wise and religious man. They bring perils to the soul. Full of his gifts, it is tempted to deny the Giver.

The deepest atheism springs from self-sufficiency. Prospering in the flesh, men are often impoverished in the spirit. It tempts to dishonesty, even to perjury.

The old proverb, "It is hard for an empty sack to stand on end," points the same way. More stinging still is the word, "Poor men have no souls. Philippians , Philippians ; 1 Timothy Horace says, "Whoever loves the golden mediocrity is safe, free from the sordid misery of the tumble down dwelling, free from the envied hall in his sobriety" 'Carm.

But let us be careful to note that the true state is to be found in the spirit itself—the inward, not the outward sufficiency. Caution in the use of the tongue.

One of the most active forms of evil consists in the "putting into the head" of others feelings towards their employers or superiors which would not otherwise have arisen.

Proverbs —J. Detestable phases of human character. In the Law of Moses the cursing of a parent was visited with the same punishment as the blaspheming of God Le Proverbs ; Proverbs ; comp.

Isaiah , Isaiah ; 2 Timothy But the character is a constant one, and reappears in every age as a foil to genuine Christianity.

Compare Mozley's powerful sermon on the Pharisees. But it was a noble Pharisee who learned, in the humility of Christ, to "have no confidence in the flesh" Philippians Wolves in human guise or in sheep's clothing.

Similar pictures are to be found in Psalms ; Psalms ; Isaiah ; Jeremiah ; Jeremiah , Jeremiah These pictures of the heart, its exceeding deceitfulness and desperate wickedness, should lead us to examine our own.

The germs of all the world's evil are to be found in these microcosmi— these "little worlds. Reflections on the insatiable.

Our spirit finds analogies to itself in the objects of nature, of history, and in the general course of human life. And all that we observe there , in the great world, may serve as a light to reveal to us what passes here , in the world of each man's heart.

Hades; the barren womb; the thirsty earth; the all-devouring fire. The vampire, or bloodsucker, seems to be intended in the first example; it is supposed to suck the blood of the sleeping by night.

And whether this appetite is rightly or wrongly directed, upon this depends his weal or woe. It may be directed to what is perishable or pernicious—to gold, power, pleasure, etc.

Drunkenness is the commonest illustration of the insatiety of man's nature. Or it may be directed to righteousness, to the.

The punishment of unfilial conduct. On the whole, as Bishop Butler soundly taught, the constitution of things tends to punish evil and reward good conduct.

The mystery of actions. What seems to strike the mind of the simple-hearted Agur is the fact that criminal deeds may be committed and, seemingly, leave as little trace behind.

We are naked and open to the eyes of him with whom we have to do. And God shall bring every secret work into judgment. Every act leaves its trace in the world of spirit.

The slave in authority. The inversion of objects is intolerable to the trained eye; things standing upside down, etc. So in social relations and in political Government belongs to the wise and the strong; the feeble in mind and the narrow in heart are emphatically the wrong men in the wrong place, in seats of power.

The self-satisfied fool. His fatuous smile is a satire upon himself and upon the condition of things which permits him to bask in so fantastic a paradise.

Those are sights to make the "angels weep. The ill-tempered wife. She, again, is emphatically "out of place. The ambitious maidservant.

The effort to supplant, to grasp a place beyond one's rights and deserts, hurts our intuitive perceptions of what is right. An Oriental proverb says, "Sit in your place, and none shall make you rise," on which we have a pointed commentary from Christ in Luke , "He that humbleth himself shall be exalted.

Order and rank are Divine institutions. To overturn this is no work of the true reformer or friend of the social weal.

Rule rests ultimately upon ability to rule; government, upon power; authority, upon wisdom. When these relations are actually reversed, society is disturbed, matters are unhappy.

When they only seem to be reversed, there will be distress and discomfort in right minds, until the just order and the nominal state of things shall be restored.

The significance of little things. The ant Proverbs ; tiny in frame, yet full of providence, making wise provision against the rainy day.

The hedgehog "coney," Proverbs ; though feeble, finds compensation in the strength of the dwelling it selects. The locust Proverbs ; a creature, as an individual, easily crushed, yet gaining immense force by union with others.

The lizard verse 28 ; another tender and feeble creature, nevertheless penetrates human dwellings, and makes itself at home in the palaces of kings.

The lower creatures show unconscious mind. What they do, apparently with blind mechanical impulse, is exemplary in many respects to us who have reason and will.

The profoundest lessons may be derived from the lowliest things. Darwin's work on 'Worms' shows how the most despised of creatures, by the very law of its being, labours for others and blesses a world.

The "little flower in the crannied wall" contains in its life the secret and mystery of all existence. Grandeur in natural objects.

Our aesthetic as well as our teleological perceptions are appealed to in the objects of nature. Certain creatures express grandeur, sublimity, or beauty in their form and carriage.

The lion. He is in nature and for art the very symbol of strength and prowess. Literally, he is the "hero among beasts," and turns his magnificent front from the face of no foe.

The greyhound Proverbs , with its slender form, is the very type of swiftness, which is another idea lying close to the sublime.

His name in German, Windspiel , or Windhund compares him with the wind. The goat; in its active capability, its nimble movement, and secure footing in dangerous places, gives another variety of the same idea.

The king in his majesty should combine in his person and bearing the fearless brow of the lion, the swiftness of decision and action of the other animals.

The ideal majesty of man includes in itself all lower perfections in the thought of the Creator. And every man should be taught to realize the royal dignity of his being in Christ.

He is made a "little lower than the angels;" and God's purpose cannot be fulfilled until we men rise to claim the glorious heritage of the ideal manhood.

The folly and pride of the heart may be choked, if expression is denied them on the tongue. No evil or foolish thought is full born till it is clothed in words.

Give no formula to the momentary impulse of wrath or other passion, and the soul of evil will perish if it find no body to inhabit.

The quaint illustrations of Agur exhibit the certainty of evil consequences to evil thoughts and desires. As certain as any of the physical sequences mentioned, is the metaphysical sequence, the moral or immoral consequences of passion.

Therefore, obsta principiis , resist the beginnings, "seal up the avenues of ill. Reverence and docility. Whoever Agur may have been, it is certain that he was a sage who could express his thoughts in strong and trenchant language.

If, as seems probable, these opening words had reference to the compliments or the questions of his disciples, we may glean, before we proceed further, three lessons by the way.

That rightful acknowledgment too easily passes into adulation. That it is a very easy thing for the uninstructed to ask questions which the most enlightened cannot answer.

That true genius is modest, and knows well the hounds of its capacity. The main lessons are—. Agur, using the language of hyperbole, energetically disclaims any such elevation as he was imagined to have attained Proverbs , Proverbs Men will sometimes deny us the virtue or the wisdom which we may claim; but they will often offer us an honour which is not our due.

We may be taken to be wealthier, or wiser, or stronger, or more generous, or more devout than we know ourselves to be.

We should then distinctly and determinately decline to receive what does not belong to us. To accept it. We may know many things, but, when it is all told, what an infinitesimal fraction is this when compared with all that is unknown!

What vast, what inexhaustible treasures of truth and wisdom are hidden, and must remain hidden, in the air, in the earth, in the sea! How little, then, can we understand of him, the Eternal and Infinite One, who reigns in the heavens!

How unfathomable the depth of the riches, both of the wisdom and knowledge of God" Romans ! How foolish to expect to understand his purpose, whilst he is outworking it, either concerning our individual life or the destiny of our race!

How prepared we should be to accept what God has taught us respecting our nature, or our duty, or our prospects, or respecting his own nature and his will!

How unwise to attempt to add to his teaching by any inventions of our own! Not, indeed, that we are not to make new applications, and find out truer interpretations of his Word; but that we are not to think and speak as if we had sources of wisdom apart from his Divine communication.

To learn of God is:. To repair to the fountain of purity. Everything God has said to us tends to purity, to Freedom from a degrading selfishness, from a corrupting worldliness, and from an enslaving and a shameful sensuality.

To fill our minds and hearts with his holy truth lifts us up into an atmosphere where our whole nature is elevated and refined, where we are capacitated for the vision and fitted for the presence and the home of God Matthew ; Hebrews To learn of God and to connect ourselves with him by faith in Jesus Christ is to be well shielded in the battle of our life.

For it is to have. A new year's prayer. We have in these most instructive words a wise and good man—. Whether we read "before I die" or "until I die" Wardlaw , we have a good man deliberately facing the future of his life.

He realizes that before him stretches out a tract of time which he has to cross; he knows that he must keep steadily, incessantly, moving forward; that he will meet with difficulties and dangers on his way; that he will want all and more than all the power and the wisdom he has at his command; and he is sobered and solemnized by the thought.

In view of this serious aspect of things, we find him—. Surely unto him who is:. The Lord of the future, who holds all time in his sovereign hand, who alone "can set new time upon our score.

The Father of our spirits, who is deeply interested in our highest welfare, and cares more about our well-being than does any human relative or friend.

The Lord of our life, who traces the path our feet will tread, who can and will hedge that path with his protecting care, who can and will lead us along the road we travel.

And what better "requirement" or request could he prefer than that of—. From "vanity and lies. From under-estimating the value of our life.

There are many—are there not many more than there once were? Indifference, ennui , weariness and dreariness of spirit, disgust—leading down to a pessimistic philosophy in theory, and to suicide in action—this is the strain and spirit, and this is the current of our time.

It is a delusion, both sorrowful and sinful. For it is a virtual abandonment of a noble heritage, and it is a rejection of a good and a great gift from the hand of God.

A life of holy service, of unselfish devotion, of spiritual growth, of filial gratitude and joy, of Christian hopefulness, is a blessing of simply inestimable value.

From over-estimating the value of the sensuous and the material. Always and everywhere men have been in the gravest danger of supposing that "a man's life does consist in the abundance of the things which he possesses," or the number and sweetness of his bodily gratifications.

This also is vanity; it is a falsehood which sin sows freely and which quickly takes root in the minds of men. What we need to know, what we may well ask God to teach us so that we shall not only accept but realize it, is that all the rivers of earthly good and of sensuous satisfaction may run into the sea of an immortal spirit, made for God and for goodness, and they will not fill it.

The trial of poverty. This we can all understand, and it takes but little wisdom or sanctity to pray for exemption from its evil.

The trial of wealth. We think we could endure this without, suffering. Nearly all those who have not experienced it are inclined to slight the danger of being rich.

Those who have never walked on the ice imagine that they could do so without slipping; those who have never gambled indulge the idea that they could stop at the moment of prudential retirement.

We do not know ourselves. He who "knew what was in man" knew how great is the peril of worldly wealth: We do well to strive and to toil for an honourable maintenance; but we do not well to sacrifice health or usefulness—how much less our self-respect and the love of Christ!

God only knows what we want—what we want; what will be really and abidingly food for us, considered in all our relations. God knows what will nourish our spiritual nature, what will supply us as citizens of this life, what is our bodily need for those few years which he is about to give us here before he translates us to a heavenly sphere.

Let us ask him to grant us what he knows is best, surely believing that what he gives in answer to our prayer is the best for us to receive— that , whatever the measure be, and not something sweeter, or finer, or more enduring.

But let us, understanding what it is we ask—as they who first used the words did not—say continually, "Lord, evermore give us this bread. From cruelty to kindness.

To those who are even ordinarily humane, the accounts which are sometimes given of horrible cruelty seem to be barely credible; it is difficult to understand how a heart that is anywise human can hold such fearful feelings as are thus expressed.

On the other hand, to those who have been brutalized by the long practice of cruelty, it is often found almost incredible that men and women can be capable of great generosity either of heart or hand.

From the lowest depth of cruelty to the noblest height of kindness there is a very large ascent. At the very bottom of this scale is:.

An absolute and even a keen delight in inflicting and in witnessing pain: this is nothing short of fiendish. Then comes, perhaps:. A hard indifference; an utter unconcern when suffering is beheld; a perfect readiness that it should be inflicted and endured.

Less iniquitous, perhaps, than this is:. The steeling of the heart against the appeal which is made by suffering, and which is not altogether unfelt; the presence of some sensibility, but the endeavour, for some reason, to suppress the emotion that is excited.

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Neueste Nachrichten. Schweinfurt, 3. Göteborg, Er hatte diese Funktion. Göteborg, Mittwoch, 4. Diese Umwandlung beinhaltet für. Very interesting. I have no clue what the figures are about, they have a very elongated look to me, but I'm used to squatter and more exaggerated 28mm and smaller.

I think they are also true scale. But yes they are really slim. Confirmed to date. Just Ordinary Men. WW2 Living History Group.

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The development manager only interferes in exceptional cases; if problems arise with other branches of the firm, for instance, or when specification guidelines regarding function, time or cost become endangered.

The Board, finally, must approve any significant change in the project book; a departure from the basic concept, for instance.

As a rule the original project director at Porsche is an engineer from Construction, holding the rank of department head, If a project then procedes to the actual test phase, he turns over responsibility to a colleague from Testing.

In rough outline, a development project goes like this: To start with there is a clearly defined target outline from the firm's management.

This formulates the problems to be solved and acts as starting gun for the development team. The various development phases can now proceed: creation, detailing, testing and production preparation.

In the first half-year after a project assignment is issued we have the actual creative phase, breeding unbelievably hectic action.

At that point there are still relatively few people working on the project so such haste is understandable. The overall development realm can only swing.

The immediately-assigned project group begins with a target idea and works out the final target outline. This outline is then the starting gun for both Engineering and Styling.

Engineering can develop its basic concept consisting of a phantom drawing which includes all firm design characteristics; size of interior compartment and desired luggage space, engine position and type of drive line, Wheelbase and exterior dimensions plus ergonomic demands.

Once these guidelines are set Styling goes into action. The stylists produce many sketches of possible car forms as they edge their way towards a final shape.

A new design leaves the paper work stage for the first time at this point. Three or four particularly promising solutions are chosen from roughly a dozen good styling suggestions and transferred to three-dimensional plasticine models in a scale of 1 As soon as one of these 1 :5 models is chosen a styling buck, sometimes called the seating buck, is built in the workshop.

This is a 1 :1 mock-up and one of the most important early-stage tools. It forms the basis for evaluating the chances of a body concept.

And it indicates whether theoretical measurements for interior, luggage and engine compartments can actually be realized in practice, while revealing the actual conditions for entry, seating and vision as well.

Meanwhile the project management has not been idle. Along with coordinating activities between Engineering, Styling and Model Building, it has solved its main task during this first development stage - working out a complete project book, This compiles detailed demands from all areas against which the maturity of our designed and tested vehicle will later be measured.

This project book outlines, among other things: - A technical production description with measurements, weights, seating conditions and tank capacity, expected driving performance and handling, layout of.

This project book, once approved by a firm's management, is the definitive plan for all further work.

It includes every basic requirement for the vehicle under development and provides precise direction. Later alterations to a project book are greatly feared since, as a rule, they set off an uncontrollable chain reaction touching every aspect.

Fixed dates can no longer be met, work already done by other departments is invalidated at a stroke and costs soar.

Therefore, alterations to a project book are only approved under pressure of extreme circumstance - new mandates from the lawmakers, for instance, or grave changes in market conditions.

While this project book is still being juggled Engineering has already initiated tasks for which the basic concept gave sufficient foundation and for which there is particular time pressure.

These involve designs and drawings for parts which carry long production deadlines or test periods including crankcase, cylinder head and so forth.

The Experimental Department also swings into action at this early stage. In close concert with Engineering the test team influences certain decisions through its preliminary experiments.

Using modified production cars and outside vehicles they research the workability of suggestions and test the suitability of a basic concept.

The second half-year in the development life of an automobile is a phase of total effort from Engineering and Styling.

Alter the selected 1 :5 model has been optimized in a wind tunnel a 1 :1 model, also of plasticine, is created in the styling workshop, the so-called Studio, and its surface covered with a plastic foil which makes it look deceptively like a properly painted car.

This life-size model serves management as a basis for approval of the exterior form. Shortly thereafter another 1 ; 1 model is made of hard foam.

The first plastic body parts are taken from it and fitted to an improvised platform equipped with engine, gearbox and suspension mock-ups.

Later this plastic car will be fitted with its own drive units to become mobile. While low body stiffness prohibits any evaluation of handling, first driving tests can be made.

Meanwhile, engineers are working without pause at their design office drawing boards. They detail designs from the first half-year and work out finished drawings for engine, gearbox, axles and body platform.

Works Preparation comes in too, and has auxiliary tooling prepared for those parts which determine deadlines.

The Studio has long since become involved with interior styling. The procedure is similar to that for an exterior shape except that the interim 1 :5 model stage may be eliminated.

The best solutions are crystalized from a multitude of drawings and presented on a scale of 1 :1 in handmade mock-ups. The car has taken shape by now, at least as far as its exterior is concerned, after roughly twelve months, and basic body functions can be evaluated.

The third half-year brings a maximum effort from Works Preparation and Testing for the first time, as well as from Product Planning.

While various sub-assemblies, normal models and outside vehicles using now-complete engine, gearbox and axles, are actually running, Works Preparation in collaboration with Engineering and Testing procures auxiliary tools and prototype parts.

In the meantime the hour has come for production line planning experts. They were kept informed from an early stage but now their efforts become decisive.

Their planning is equally vital to a satisfactory development outcome since their work decides whether the new car will emerge from development ready for rational production.

After some eighteen months the first "true" prototype stands on its wheels with engine and gearbox already past their first test runs.

During the fourth half-year test programs of the experimental department come to the fore. Here we must differentiate between functional testing concerned with fulfillment of handling quality and performance standards and testing for endurance which is concerned with quality and durability.

Such endurance runs include condensedtime experiments on the accelerated-test track. By using extreme conditions salt water splash, potholes, ramp jumps and other hardships materials can be subjected to demands which would only occur in normal driving after a far higher mileage.

At Weissach the test track program has achieved a factor of 1 so that miles of such testing correspond to roughly , miles of average customer driving.

This testing serves chiefly to check those components which cannot be evaluated for durability on a test bench with sufficient reality.

Fifth and sixth half-years: Testing continues and procurement begins. During further track and bench tests the main accent now falls on a number of details all-important to the later success of a vehicle, Proper compromises must be found; in engine or gearbox mounts between noise and vibration comfort; on the intake side between fuel consumption, exhaust decontamination and throttle Although any development center has climatic test chambers to simulate extreme operational conditions, "real" cold and heat tests are still found in the standard test program of many builders, At Porsche extensive runs in the Alps and on the Arctic Circle have become a firm component of cold-weather testing as well as evaluating handling on snow or ice.

The counterpart to this is a large-scale program in the North African desert where they not only test for extreme heat but over unbelievably bad desert tracks which provide an ideal supplement to tests already performed on shaker surfaces at home.

Sand and dust which penetrate every crevice are a phenomenon hated by any test driver but welcomed in the test program. Meanwhile the most important decision since the project began has been made.

This was a green light for the purchase of tooling, operational means of production and components. All previous decisions were made within the development budget but now that framework is considerably exceeded.

The project reaches a dimension from which there is virtually no retreat. The firm's management must ask itself one last time: are we going in the right direction with this development, will the car find its place on the market, is there even a sufficiently large market niche for i t - in short, does our bill of particulars work out at the bottom line?

Planning concepts must now include production drawings and the leeway for alterations thus becomes smaller. Despite this fact, experience drawn from test operations will initiate constant modification - and any developing automobile must live with that fact.

A small pre-series must be put onto wheels as rapidly as possible to give production and quality control experts an opportunity to gather experience with the new vehicle under near-production conditions.

This or that is bound to go wrong - not everything which seems smooth as silk in the test department will necessarily work out in production.

Based on experience gained and evaluated from this pre-series, an actual dress rehearsal or pilot series is launched roughly six months before production begins.

Once again a number of facts may be determined from this pilot series and applied before production actually begins, and these can cause redispositions.

Thus the final few months before production starts become a race against time and problems of all kinds. This last major phase in development is always a high strain time for all concerned.

It demands the willingness and ability to compromise and to make rapid decisions with flexiblity. A proper crisis team is formed to solve problems which crop up daily.

Actual test work has concluded in the meantime and all requirements in the project book have been fulfilled. They have begun to fix the type, a further control procedure to some degree.

Apart from national construction approval there are approximately one dozen registration tests to be passed in other lands.

Expenditures for safety and environmental protection made during the development phase were considerable and they increase steadily. The catalogue of such regulations has grown from roughly sixty laws in to over in It is understandable that engineers and experimental.

The long-demanded and urgently-needed standardization of norms for safety and evironmental protection lies far in the future - what one country may demand today will be forbidden by another.

The confusion inherent in such widely varied laws absorbs energy which could be far more usefully applied. While production start up is being tested and type fixing is underway other segments of the firm have long-since become involved too.

Distribution prepares for the introduction of a new model to dealers and customers. Marketing concepts are developed, publicity strategy established and literature of all kinds printed.

Customer service men work at peak revs too - the entire inspection and repair system with its training of personnel, the writing of maintenance literature, technical outfitting of workshops and handling of warranties must be established, Spares of all kinds must be available and catalogued for day one.

And the very first customer will want his manual which- like all other literature- must be printed in various languages, Thus the circle from first sketch to production maturity is closing steadily.

Hundreds of workers were involved in the achievement, carrying heavy responsibilities and overcoming all difficulties. From this fact alone we can trace the most impressive characteristic of today's automobile development: its all-encompassing teamwork.

Automobiles are no longer built by individuals. They are never a one-man show any more. Whereas the first designs of ninety years ago were still the basic achievements of individual pioneers and while later cars, far into the thirties even, showed the clear hand of a designer ruling over his crew, the development of any automobile has now become a terribly complex and multilayered task which can only be solved by the perfect teamwork of a homogenous crew.

Porsche has often been described as the smallest among the auto factories and while this might be true within Germany, international comparisons prove the opposite.

Really small builders, particularly those of Italian or English persuasion, produce from 50 to cars annually.

Against these, Porsche's current annual production of over 15, units with a work force of some seems gigantic. Isn't it more a case of the giant among small auto firms?

The tradition-rich firm in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen is truly the smallest real car forge, the David among giants, because Porsche is separated by whole worlds from the true small builders who are almost all in deep difficulty, incidentally.

A more or less handwork-style of production without in-house body construction, inadequate customer service nets, modest distribution channels and a lack of development capacity with limited test facilities - none of these factors are a problem for the Swabian sport car builder.

Porsche of Zuffenhausen, Weissach and Ludwigsburg bears all the features of a large automobile factory. How did this undertaking break the bounds of a small, handwork operation after ?

Was it business foresight or good fortune? A glance at the firm's development path indicates that both those components must have been involved.

We can assume that the prehistory - marked by the name of Ferdinand Porsche - is well known to all. Thus we will only recapitulate briefly here how the one-time technical director of Austro Daimler, Daimler Benz and Steyr opened his own design office in Stuttgart during And how this office made headlines for the first time with the Auto Union Grand Prix car.

How it launched the Volkswagen project on its own initiative, one which later made Professor Ferdinand Porsche immortal.

How this project was put through against every obstacle until a factory was created in Fallersieben later Wolfsburg under Porsche management, a plant destined to build the auto for everyman.

How this design office which settled into the Stuttgart industrial suburb of Zuffenhausen expanded to include an experimental department with its own workshops and how they developed cross-country vehicles during the war only to move to Gmund in Carinthia when the bombing began.

How postwar Volkswagen production began while Ferry Porsche and his people developed that first car in Gmund, based on the VW, which would carry the Porsche name.

And how, subsequently, the type went into limited production in a Zuffenhausen barracks, backed by the most restricted means. How the first car was completed at Easter to find customer favor and be followed by ever-growing numbers until the constantly expanded production facilities burst all seams and made large investments necessary.

And how too, Porsche cars achieved success after success on all levels of motor sport. These are the stages which turned this small firm with the big name into an automobile factory; That ended the era of grand improvisation, although the firm didn't yet have its own body plant.

A large portion of their bodies came from Reutter right next door. This changed in when Porsche took over Reutter, absorbing body construction into its own plant.

A further milestone came with the production of the which began in It was a Porsche which owed nothing to any mass production car.

Such design ambition was no coincidence but cold reality, based on solid foundations. After all, the firm was once a design office exclusively, working on outside contracts and this realm was never neglected, even when their own car production figures increased rapidly.

The fact that this firm continued to consider itself a specialist in vehicle development had far-reaching consequences. The increasing impossibility of performing entire test programs on open roads, the steadily growing need for new test facilities of all kinds and a lack of space in old Plant I all indicated to management that an independent future could only be secured with huge investments in the development realm.

The result of such farsighted thinking was the development center at Weissach. Between and one of the most modern development centers in the world grew up there, stage by stage.

Vehicles of all types can now be conceived, designed, built and tested. Weissach is located some eighteen miles west of Stuttgart, a short half-hour by car from Zuffenhausen.

Somewhat less successful was the quasi-marriage with an unmatched partner which Porsche undertook towards the end of the sixties. At that time Zuffenhausen received extremely interesting development projects from Wolfsburg including the VW Porsche and EA , but found itself in turn removed, de facto, from the marketplace by VW since all distribution activities were taken over by a sales firm owned jointly by VW and Porsche.


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